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A Message from the Principal

Tommy Dwyer
Assistant Principal:
Hillary Hoose (A-L)
Assistant Principal:
Mike Murawski (M-Z)
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I want to compliment our students on how great of a job they have done with the implementation of our new lunch periods.  Students have done a great job with transitioning and adjusting to their new schedules.  Each day becomes more smooth and I anticipate it to continue along the way.  After Thanksgiving we will be providing students some time in the small gym throughout the week to compliment their study hall time.


Today we welcomed Rachel’s Challenge to Shore.  Rachel’s Challenge is a non-profit organization that was created out of the tragedy of the Columbine High School shooting.  It is in honor of Rachel Scott and the other victims that lost their lives that terrible day.  After that day, her family discovered that she left behind a legacy of kindness and compassion through her writings and actions of the people she reached out to.  One after another, stories emerged about the profound impact of her simple acts of kindness, thus leading to the creation of Rachel’s Challenge.


All 7th and 8th grade students participated in the live presentation today.  Acting as a catalyst, this presentation invited opportunities for self reflection while inspiring confidence and hope for our students.  Positive connections were formed, which we anticipate will help break any barriers of isolation and withdrawal that students may be feeling.  A wonderful message of kindness and acceptance of others was at the forefront.


Thank you all once again for your support of your child and Shore as a whole.  We are truly appreciative of our community.  Have a great weekend!


Tommy Dwyer