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Attendance Policies


To report an absence, please call 257-8753.  A student absence requires a parent/guardian call on the day of the absence.  If a call is not received, an attempt will be made to contact the parent/guardian.  If contact is not made, the student will be required to bring a note to the guidance office the day the student returns to school.  


If a student will be late to school due to an appointment, the parent/guardian should leave a voicemail indicating this will occur.  If Attendance knows the student will be late due to an appointment, no attempt will be necessary to contact the parent regarding the student's absence.

If at all possible, upon departure from the appointment, please ask for a slip that verifies the student was at the appointment that day.


Students who are either late to school without a legitimate reason or are in school but NOT in class before the 8:40 AM bell will be recorded as TARDY to school.  

If arrival at school is after 8:40 AM, the student should report immediately to the guidance office to receive a "Late Arrival Notification" pass to their locker and class.


A student must be in attendance for half (1/2) of the school day in order to participate in any school-sponsored activity that is conducted on that day.


A student needing to leave early for an appointment must submit a written parental request by 8:40 AM to the guidance office.  Only a parent or another adult designated by the parent, in writing, may transport students to appointments. All students exiting the building must be signed out through the guidance office.


Vacations that interfere with school attendance should be discussed with a school administrator in advance of the planned vacation if at all possible.  A "Pre-Arranged Absence Request Form" must be submitted by the parent seven (7) days in advance of the planned vacation. Forms are available in the guidance office.


In the case of short-term illness, the student is encouraged to secure classwork by accessing the Shore Homework Hotline on the Shore website, obtaining assignments from a friend/classmate, or contact the teacher via email.  If a student is absent for an extended period of time (3 or more days) a request may be made for the guidance office to collect homework for you if applicable.  Note that the majority of assignments can be secured electronically via Schoology. There is a 24 hour turnaround after the request is given to the teachers.