Hair for Wigs

Shore student, 11 year-old Kilian Turcovsky, let his hair grow to almost a foot and a half long.  After more than three years, Kilian has finally got a haircut - all for a worthy cause which is to help children in their battle against cancer.  Kilian learned about the program "Wigs for Kids", an organization that provides wigs for children who lose their hair due to medical conditions.   He also learned it takes 12 ponytails to make one wig and they cost $1,800.  Besides donating his hair, he has raised $2,125 for the program.
The director of the program, Jeffrey Paul, heard of Kilian's generosity and called to thank him personally and invite him to lunch along with a tour of the wig facility.
Shore certainly is proud of Kilian and his selfless act of kindness!