Free Remote Tutoring Opportunity

Dear community of educators:


The Community Learning Center for Children and Youth at Cleveland State University is a cooperative center that provides free academic support for K-12 learners while providing valuable hands-on teaching experience for students in the College of Education at CSU. 


We are looking to recruit students that are attending school asynchronously. If the school district has students attending school online only, we would like to reach out and encourage them to enroll with the Community Learning Center. If possible, please provide a list so we can contact these students, or if preferred, contact them at your own discretion.  


Spring registration is now open! Spaces are limited so please visit our website to sign up for free tutoring for your students today. A variety of offerings are available for K-8 learners. For intermediate and secondary learners we have EUT 306 and Open Sessions available. Be aware that some sections are already full (as indicated next to the title of the course). If you select a full section, you will be automatically placed on a waitlist. We encourage families to register for the open courses. You may register for more than one section if desired; We ask for continued adherence to our two-absence maximum attendance policy.


If you register for a daytime section and your student goes back to in-person learning during the course of the semester and can no longer attend the daytime section, we will ask the learner and CSU tutor to attend one of our open sessions instead. We have afternoon and weekend options available for the open sessions, to accommodate most schedules.


You will receive a welcome packet by email prior to the start of your registered section(s). The welcome packet will contain all the necessary information including zoom link (all sessions are remote for Spring 2021), login information, dates, times, and other related policies. As always, please contact us with any questions.


Registration is available here and you will need to complete the Family Intake Form one time per learner (even if registering for multiple sections).